November 25, 2010

Possible Search on Sunday November 28, 2010


Lt. Kevin Adam has contacted MASAR to determine the availability of searchers for Sunday, Nov. 28.

The search is in Saco in the Saco Heath.  The areas to be searched are potentially very wet.

The subject is a 22 year old despondent male who has been missing since last Sunday.

  Please contact me with "likely Yes or Likely No" via email or cell before noon on Friday Nov. 26 so I can give MASAR a count for our team. I will call any members who have not responded by that time. Thanks.


November 14, 2010

Crazy Busy Lives

I have been in contact with a good portion of the team in the past week, many have talked about how crazy-busy their lives have become. People are dealing with medical emergencies, work, family commitments, and more which makes attending the monthly FSAR meeting difficult. 

How can I remain a contributing team member even if I need to skip a monthly meeting?
  • Keep your priorities straight; put your family and job before FSAR.
  • Workout, hike, ski, keep your body in shape (could you hike/snowshoe Bigelow tomorrow if we had a call on Avery Peak?)
  • Keep your ready-pack stocked for the current season.
  • Maintain the appropriate footwear, clothing, outerwear and gear for the season.
  • Stay in touch with other team members via email and make a board member aware of extended times when you would be unable to respond to a call.
  • Try and attend the next FSAR meeting, it is the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30, usually at KFD.
A quick email or call is appreciated if you will not be able to attend. This helps to keep you ‘in the loop’ and the board aware of your status.

Be well and keep in touch!


 Smoke from the campfire and a rising moon creates some interesting night effects on September.

November 11, 2010

FSAR meeting minutes 11-10-10

We only had 4 members at this month's meeting. I heard from a number of members who were unable to attend (I appreciate the emails and calls beforehand if you will be unable to attend, thanks) However we had a good training.

We worked halfway through MASARs Search Tactics section of the BASAR class. Members learned about and discussed:
• PLS- Place Last Seen
• LKP-Last known point
• Touched on: lost person behavior
• POD-Probability of detection (this is a %)
• Passive search methods: attraction, confinement, track traps
• Active search methods: Grid search, dog teams, air assets and dive teams.
• Discussed Critical separation

In the meeting we discussed the process of selecting the best wheel to purchase for our litter (grant funded, thank you Sugarloaf Charitable Trust!)

Al, Barry and Will and other Sugarloafers were unable to make the meeting so we will hear a review of the big Sugarloaf scenario training at the December meeting.

Steve will create a laminated FSAR active roster for all members and will distribute it at the next meeting.

Next Meeting December 8, KFD 6:30.