July 16, 2011

FSAR Update

Hello active FSAR member!

I hope that everyone has been able to get outside and enjoy some of this well earned great weather!

It has been an uneventful rescue summer so far, but don’t let the lack of action fool you!

I thought I would send a reminder that as an active FSAR Team member you should:

  • ·         Maintain your body in good physical shape (could you carry someone off Bigelow tomorrow?)
  • ·         Maintain a ready pack for the current season and weather conditions
  • ·         Let a board member know if you will be unavailable for a rescue call for extended blocks of time (a week or more) because of vacation, health reasons or other commitments. The FSAR board members are: Steve Y, Steve M, Pat C. and Barry L.



 Jim & Christi on Goose Eye in July, 2011

Horns Pond in the Bigelows from South Horn July, 2011
 Showers below from West Peak in the Bigelows.