February 9, 2012

FSAR Meeting Minute 2-8-2012

FSAR Meeting Minutes 2-8-2012


Ray P. was voted in as a member tonight unanimously, welcome aboard Ray!

MASAR has been asked by IFW to use UTM grid reference coordinates GPS units should be set to UTM when responding to a MASAR search or call.

Also MASAR will now use Delorme map book coordinates for the initial call-out for identifying the staging area location.

Pat reported that FSAR will be put on the Baxter SP rescue team schedule this season every other month. Our winter/spring date for Chimney Pond will be March 17.

Huts and Trails is hosting a ski marathon on Feb 12. Steve and Al met with them to discuss re-planning for an emergency. MHT has snowmobiles and is prepared to respond if there is a need. Mit will email the team and make them aware of the event and to be ready for a call if needed however FSAR is not officially on standby.

April 24-25 Augusta preparedness conference EMA multi agency training, anyone interested?

Sunday April 8 FSAR skills day we will discuss this more at our next meeting.

Pat is planning on attend the radio communication meeting in Wilton.

The long awaited MASAR basic search & rescue  (BASAR) class is now up and running. 

Members will need to open an account and the classes are online. The end test can also be taken online. The practical skills component can be administered by Steve Y. Steve M. or Shelby ‘in-house’ all new members are encouraged to take this class and become certified. The fire building training we did tonight counts as one of the required hands-on skills for BASAR certification.

Paul updated the team on the new rope rescue recording system. The white rescue rope has been taken out of service and is marked with red tape in the end.  Green tap or rope ends means ‘new’ rope and yellow tape means ‘good rope but ‘used’.

Gear share= Fire Starters

Each member shared the things they like most for starting fires in the wilderness. Many members collect good tinder materials as they are walking along the trail during the day.
There were many different ‘favorites’ however the reoccurring items are listed below with links to photos and some prices.

Coby did a great short whiteboard training on some different types of fire construction methods. Coby and most members are fans of beginning with a basic teepee of kindling over tinder. Larger sticks are built over or around that before ignition with a lighter, metal match or other method. All participants built fires in the snow using scavenged fuel from the nearby woods.

February 7, 2012

FSAR Monthly Meeting and Training Wed. Feb. 8, 2012

Franklin Search & Rescue
Monthly business meeting and training
Wednesday Feb. 8 2012
Kingfield Fire Station 6:30

Members will need to bring their ready-packs, outdoor clothing and headlamp for a fire building training. Instructor Coby Leighton will begin the training session indoors with a short classroom session before the team heads outside to do a practical fire building evolution.

In addition, Paul will update the team on changes to FSAR rope rescue requirements including a new record keeping protocol.

We will also discuss upcoming training opportunities including the MASAR spring training event and Baxter dates.

Gear to share: "Fire starting gear I carry in my rescue pack" be prepared to share what you carry and have successfully used.

As always, any interested people are welcome to join us for our trainings.