May 28, 2012

FSAR Meeting minutes 5-9-2012

FSAR meeting
May 9, 2012

Steve Y
Mark Lopez SP Trooper
Mark K.
Jeff Z
Scott Stevens MWS

  • Baxter dates
    • Togue Pond June 30-July1
    • Chimney Pond  August 11-12
    • Togue Pond Sept. 1-3
  • Roster check
  • Radio review of channels
  • BASAR test Barry and Pat are finished all of the requirements and are waiting for the confirmation from MASAR, Matt is under way.
  • AMC notification of all FSAR calls that involve the AT should be made upon mission completion. Notification involves filling out a form and emailing it to the AMC. More info here:
  • 2 calls Chickenfest and Bald in Weld, Steve/Coby gave the summary.
  • FSAR had a rescue/support role for the Carrabassett Backscountry Cycle Challange last year and we plan to participate again this year. The race is on, Sunday, July 22 more info here:  If you are interested in helping out contact Barry or Al. Even if you do not have a mountain bike, you can be of great help during the event.
  • Eco Challenge June 19-24 Begins in the forks Thurs/Fri more likely to involve us at the end. FSAR should be on a ‘heightened readiness response’ during this time. Al is coordinating Northstar and FSAR’s response for this event.
  • June 9 Smalls Falls rope rescue training.  ALL FSAR members are encouraged to attend. the event is from 9-3  Paul, Mike DK and Al are instructing.
  • Paul will place an order for a new rope and a friction device (scarab) and will let Sprague know the total so he can write him a check.
  • Trooper Mark Lopez and Warden Scott Stevens gave an excellent talk on scene preservation. Because I was listening, i did not take good notes. This is all I wrote down: DNA, footwear (photocopy), No photos!, rubber gloves a must, suicide are 10 times harder than homicide because the family will want it to treated like a homicide, they won't believe you. chain of custody photographed before picking it up.

May 9, 2012

All Units Stand Down

1:55 a.m From MASAR A found has been made, all units may stand down, Thank you!

more info about the call here:

1:00 a.m. Thursday 5-10-2012
FSAR has been activated to search for a missing 8 y.o. boy in Prospect, Maine. Staging is at 7 a.m. at the Prospect fire department. Even if you are not able to make the 7 a.m. staging, a later response would still be a great help.
Steve Yates is coordinating FSARs response. Please contact him if you are able to respond.


May 8, 2012

Monthly meeting and training 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 9

Franklin Search and Rescue
Monthly meeting and training
6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 9
Kingfield Fire Station

Join us for our monthly meeting and training session on Wednesday at the Kingfield Fire Department. State Trooper Mark Lopez will conduct training on ‘scene preservation’. This topic has been increasingly important as FSAR has been called to assist in more criminal investigation searches around the state.

In addition, members will share what they learned at the MASAR conference this past weekend, details of a meeting with the county EMA director, upcoming trainings and recent calls.

The gear to share will be summer gaiters and insect repellant. What do you use and how effective is it?

As always, any interested people are welcome to attend. 

May 7, 2012

2012 MASAR Conference Camp Jordan, Ellsworth, Me. May 5-6

Group Photo May 6, 2012 Camp Jordan (click to see whole photo)

FSAR Participants

 Dr Murray Hamlet presents on hypothermia

FSAR members hang out on the dock under the super moon.

Jim begins the conference with a welcome.

FSAR bunkhouse

Bunkhouse for snoring people.

Patient packaging workshop by Gerry Brache SOLO

Deb Gets a lift

Keynote speaker Gary Anderson

Steve hauls in the net with the catch of the day.

 Branch Lake under a super moon.

Rick Slatten teaches a very interesting class on search tactics. 


Wilderness Rescue Team's crew.

The new Trident Tactical Tracking Team