October 10, 2012

October 27 & 28 Search at Baxter State Park

BSP Ranger Mike Winslow contacted FSAR about a search they are conducting in the park near Nesowadnehunk Campground on October 27 & 28.

In the 1960’s a 2-seater piper cub went down and both occupants were killed. Although the location was once known to Maine Wardens the information has been lost. The families of the victims are interested in reconnecting with the crash site. Mike said teams will have access to lean-twos and tent sites and can arrive on Friday night. Beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday he is planning a large grid search in the general area of the crash. The terrain is a hardwood stand so it is relatively easy moving.

He would like a count by the 19th, please RSVP to Mit if you are planning on attending. FYI Sunday October 28 is the smalls falls rope rescue training, Mit will likely go to Baxter on Friday and return late Saturday or early sunday to make the rope training.

Update: this search was cancelled by BSP at the last minute so that park employees could prepare for incoming storm, Hurricane Sandy. It may be rescheduled later this fall or in the spring of 2013.

October 2, 2012

October Events and Training

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012
6 p.m.
Mt. Abram High School Track (rain or shine)

Will be our annual fitness test.
MASAR requires that each team certify that its members are physically fit enough to carry out the mission.

The meeting will be held at Mt. Abram high School in Salem at 6 p.m. (not in Kingfield and this is a ½ hour earlier than normal)

What to bring? Bring a pack and 25 lbs. of weight, some folks use: 2 liter bottles of water, free weights, sandbags, rocks, etc. and good footwear for walking fast. The test: walk 2 miles around the track wearing your 25 lb. pack in 30 minutes or less. You are not permitted to run.

What if I am unable to take the fit test tomorrow due to injury or other situations? 

No worries, come at 6:30 for the meeting and take the test at another time.

FSAR has purchased some utility cord so that all interested team members can fabricate a purcell prussik.  We will do this following the fitness test at Mt. Abram.

Smalls Falls
Rope Rescue Training

Sunday, October, 28 2012
Smalls Falls on Rt. 4 Madrid, Me.
9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

A training for NorthStar, FSAR and local Fire Departments.

Instructors:  Gabe Gunning, Al Sleight, Dennis Kerrigan and Paul Marcolini

Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather,  bring sturdy boots and a bag lunch.
If you have HAR gear, please bring it.