January 30, 2013

To help those in need in Maine's outdoors in honor of Nick Hall

Carter Hall of Patten, Maine has been training with FSAR since last summer. He became involved with us after his son Nick was killed in the line of duty in June of 2012 as a National Park Ranger on Mt. Rainier. Carter brought and used some of Nick's gear during Sunday's Winter Steep Terrain Training on the mountain.

Hall says: “My recent involvement with the SAR (search and rescue) community is to honor Nick’s short life and his love of the outdoors. I hope to help others, as Nick did, here in the Maine outdoors.”

Carter with Nick's helmet, skis and crampons.

To learn more about the life of Nick Hall: http://www.nps.gov/mora/parknews/hall-memorial.htm

January 28, 2013

Photos of Ice Axe and Crampon Training 1-27-2013

With daytime temps. in the single numbers and a steady wind, more than 2 dozen FSAR members, MASAR members, SERE School instructors and National Ski Patrol members participated in a great winter training at Sugarloaf on Sunday.

Practicing the French Step crampon technique on the landing of Joanie's Jump at Sugarloaf.

Everyone bundled up for the very cold temperatures.

Instructor Al demonstrates an ice axe anchor belay technique.

The belayer's boot supports the burred ice axe while the rope has 2 half wraps around the shaft of the axe and the rescurers boot. 

The friction created with the wraps allowed students to belay a rescue sled, patient and ski patrol attendant safely down the steep terrain.

Participants practice ice axe self arrest body positions on level ground before heading to the steep stuff.

Practicing back side, head downhill, ice axe self-arrest technique.

Instructor Paul teaches the basics of self arrest.

Paul and his axe.

Quinn has a crampon blowout. Part of the training involved learning tips and tricks from the pros on how to deal with the unplanned gear issues that frequently arise.

Josh concentrates on maintaining 2 points of contact with the snow on his crampon decent. 

Jeff and Paul illustrate different crampon styles.

Practice makes perfect.

Will, just hanging out.

Mit with 3 points of contact!

January 26, 2013

UPDATE: Ice Axe Self Arrest and Crampon Training

Date: January 27th

Winter Steep Terrain Training
Topic: Ice Axe Self Arrest and Crampon Training

Who: Cross Training for: Sugarloaf Ski Patrol, NorthStar EMS, Franklin
Search & Rescue, MASAR team members.

Locations: Sugarloaf Mountain area:
    Joanie’s Jump on Sugarloaf Mountain
    This location is about 1000 meters hike uphill from the base of the
    Super Quad Lift. Between Tote Road trail and the Timbers Condos.

Time: 8 a.m.- 2 p.m.

8:00 a.m. meet at the base of Super Quad chairlift ready to snowshoe or skis with skins.  
8:30 a.m. meet at the top of Joanie’s Jump (for those who will arrive on skis)

The first half of the training will begin with ice axe self-arrest methods and practice, and other ice axe related techniques.

The second half of the training we will use and practice with crampons.  This training will take place at the same location.  This location will be hillside, so this will increase the difficulty in fitting and adjusting crampons.
There will be some crampons available on site, but it would be best to have equipment that you know fits your boots prior to training.
Bring the following gear if you have it:
Ice Axe, Crampons, Helmet, Harness, Boots, Snowshoes or Skis with Skins (to hike up to the Joanie’s Jump), Warm winter hiking/snow clothing

We are approaching the maximum number of people that would make this a good learning and safe experience for all. Please call if you have not signed up for this training session.
If you have any question please contact Al Sleight 207-649-5333. 

January 19, 2013

2013 FSAR January-July Training Schedule

2013 FSAR January-July Training Schedule

  • Jan. 27   Winter Steep Terrain Training, Sugarloaf
  • Feb. 13 Board meeting (before Mtg.)
  • Feb. 13, 6:30 KFD Helicopter Ops (Paul) & 2013 Team Photo
  • March 13, 6:30 KFD  Survival skills/fire starting Seb/Coby
  • April 10, 6:30 KFD Basic search theory/tactics Pat
  • May 4, Sat.  Man Tracking Class (Coby)
  • May 8, KFD 6:30 Legal aspects- Mitman/barry game show
  • May 17-19 MASAR Spring Conference Hope, Maine
  • June 12, KFD 6:30 Ready Pack
  • July 10, KFD 6:30 Basics outside Navigation and GPS
  • Oct 18-20 Rigging for Rescue class MDI (tentative)

View of Black Nubble from Owls Head, SE of Sugarloaf 11-2012

January 8, 2013

FSAR Monthly Training/Meeting

6:30 p.m.  Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kingfield Fire Station

Barry has prepared a tabletop search/rescue scenario training. Please bring a compass and/or GPS to use in this activity.

We will review recent rescue calls and upcoming trainings like the ice axe/crampon training on Jan. 27 at Sugarloaf.

Gear to share: in honor of the new year... please bring your favorite piece of outdoor gear you got in 2012. Anything is fair game!

As always, any interested person is welcome to attend this meeting.