December 29, 2008

From the archives

At a training at Crocker Cirque, Coby blows on an ember that was created with his site built bow drill.

Using a bow drill Coby creates enough friction to make some serious smoke.

Glenn and Dennis put tension on the line during an anchor training at the C.V. outdoor center at the Northstar EMS conference in 2005.

Glenn snapped this image of the Helo hoisting the patient off Cranberry Peak in Late Nov. A crew of about 10 spent the night in 0 degree weather with the patient until the National Guard arrived at first light to evacuate the patient.

Ian and Jodi have a tender moment at a rope training.

Night ops at smalls falls training with Glenn. Steep angle lifts can be more dangerous than high angle raises.

Ian tests the anchor at the C.V. outdoor center.

Fred, Barry and Steve concentrate on a projected movie clip at the avalanche training at K.F.D. in early 2008.

Teamwork, sweat equity and 3:1 mechanical advantage raise the litter at a training.

An instructor from MDI SAR talks about rescue gear at the EMS conference in C.V.

Barry is relieved when life flight takes off with the patient from a rescue on the A.T. in Lexington.

December 10, 2008

12-10-08 Christmas Party!

FSAR Meeting Reminder
Wednesday December 10, 2008
6:30 p.m.
Christmas Party (and rescue scenario training)!

What do I need to do?
•Everyone brings food to share, something fancy or a bag of chips!

•Go through your gear and pick a recycled outdoor piece of gear that you no longer use but might be of use to someone else.

•Wrap it.

We’ll exchange gifts and eat.

Steve has a fun survival quiz and a table talk scenario.

See you there!