August 16, 2009

Northstar Rapid River Rescue Training August '09

Northstar Ambulance hosted a rescue training at the Rapid River in the back country of western Maine on August 12-13, 2009. Instructors Dennis Kerrigan, Mike Senecal, Becky Morin, Mark Rousseau and Pete Boucher did a great job leading classes on map & compass, GPS, patient care on the trail, rope rescue and swift-water awareness. The workshop included 2 scenario rescues that required participants to use newly learned skills in a realistic setting. An amazing, 10 FSAR members participated in the class (7 of which are also Northstar employees) which helped to reinforce common rescue techniques and working relationships. Great food, realistic cross training, time to fish on the Rapid, and quality instructors combined to make a fun and productive and 2 day training event. Special thanks to the RLHT, Aldro French & Shelby Rousseau, without her efforts, the training would not have run so smoothly (or at all).

(click photo to enlarge)

Pat organizes gear.

Proof that Mike eats his veggies.

Evening campfire.

Pat presents the fly on the Rapid River.

The bees loved the first sunny weather in weeks.

Nymphing demo by the caretaker with a great accent!

Becky's class on patient care.

Ian's new squeeze.

Carl pays attention in class.

The mighty and powerful Al.

DK teaches how to survive and prosper in a swift water rescue situation.

Gabe as a victim.

A throw rope lands 'south' of the patient.

Gabe is rescued.

Carl on the Rapid.

Pat playing backup in his kayak.

Corey stylin' in his custom sun-visor helmet.

Mark gets a line.

Mike in the water.

Al reaches for a line.