February 13, 2010

February FSAR meeting/training CV Anti Gravity Center

We had a great meeting this month at the Anti Gravity Center in Carrabassett Valley. Members had an opportunity to climb the wall(s) and practice belaying others.
During a brief business meeting, Steve Y and Devin gave a summary of the ‘Behaviors of Lost Persons’ class they attended in southern Maine last week. They learned many search management strategies that could be applied to local situations.
All of the FSAR pack-covers have been constructed but Jane is waiting for the reflective letters to arrive before they can be distributed to members. One sample pack cover was passed around, it looks great.
We discussed the ideal time to have MASAR education director Jim Bridge come and do an all day BASAR class and end test with us. It is looking like March/April was best for folks. Steve Y will make contact with him and see what works best for his schedule.
Next Paul gave a great ‘basics of belay’ talk and demo. He demonstrated the use of many different types of hardware such as: carabineer, figure 8, Petzl Reverso 3, Gri Gri, ATC, and others. He talked about proper hand positioning, common errors, and body positioning. Thanks Paul!
Our next meeting will be March 10, 2010 at the Kingfield Fire Station at 6:30 p.m.