March 25, 2010

Wilderness FIrst Aid Class offered (free!)

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Offered in Franklin County

WFA is a 2-day (16 hours) class

Wilderness First Aid is a two day introduction to general medical concepts and Basic Life Support skills. It’s targeted to the outdoor enthusiast on day trips or short adventures.

Wilderness Medicine differs significantly from standard Red Cross courses and other programs that are oriented toward the urban environment. This course teaches what to do with a medical emergency when help is miles away and calling 911 isn’t an option. We prepare students for emergency situations that involve prolonged patient care, severe environments and improvised equipment.

This program is grant funded and will be offered 4 times in Franklin County this year.

• Industry Fire May 1&2 8am until 5-6pm
• Rangeley Fire June 26 & 27 from 8am 5-6pm
• Kingfield Fire September 4 & 5
• Phillips Fire October 16 & 17

Wilderness Medical Associates Instructors:

Dennis Kerrigan
Dennis has been a nationally registered EMT since 1984, and became a national registry paramedic in 1991, the same year he started teaching for WMA™. He currently works as a float paramedic for NorthStar EMS in Maine, and is a member of their Backcountry Medical Response Team, as well as working for Monmouth Rescue. In addition, Dennis teaches swiftwater rescue for Rescue 3 and is a Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Trainer for the American Canoe Association. He is also a Paramedic Instructor/Coordinator for Maine EMS. Dennis lives in Maine with his wife and two daughters.

Mike Senecal
Mike is the Regional Operations Manager and Back Country Medical Response Team Leader for NorthStar EMS in Western Maine. In addition to teaching for WMA Mike is a Maine paramedic Instructor Coordinator and ACLS instructor. He enjoys section hiking the Appalachian Trail and wilderness canoeing.
FSAR members: Please contact BOTH Mike Senecal & Steve Mitman if you are interested in attending.

Michael Senecal
Steve Mitman

March 19, 2010

MASAR Spring Gathering Saturday May 8 SERE School Rangeley

 The following is from Jim Bridge the MASAR (Maine Association of Search & Rescue)  Education director. FSAR is helping to organize the annual MASAR conference which will be held in Rangeley. Last year's conference was held at Sunday River, it was at Acadia the year before. This year's conference will only be a 1 day event (2-3 days in the past). Steve Yates will likely need additional assistance in making arrangements, please contact him if you can help.   -Mit

Good Morning,

Thursday, Steve Yates and I went to SERE School and did a site survey on the facility.  The site will work well for us and I believe we will have a productive and fun spring gathering of the MASAR clans.  Here’s the start of the plan to pass to your unit personnel.  More will follow as we develop it.

·         Annual MASAR training conference Saturday 8 MAY
·         The event will be held at the Navy SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) school just outside of Rangeley (WGS-84     45 00 04.0N/070 30 38.49W)
·         People may arrive afternoon/evening of Friday the 7th and we will all depart around sundown on Saturday.  The road is gated and must be manned when open so we will define times that the gate is open Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday as we get closer. 
·         Tent camping spots and lean-tos are available at SERE school otherwise a list of places to stay in town will be provided in a couple weeks
·         We are on our own for dinner Friday and breakfast Saturday, lunch will be provided Saturday (probably soup and sandwiches)
·         Cost will probably be between $20 and 30 per person payable upon arrival and covers the facility, instruction and lunch
·         SERE instructors will provide training on Saturday (we are discussing the plan and it might include survival, ready pack, evidence awareness, navigation…)
·         Instruction will be mostly outside with limited classroom time so come dressed for the weather
·         In addition to the lean-tos, the facility has a classroom for approximately 60 with a small separate instructors’ area, this building has electricity and heat, there are porta potties; water is obtained from a stream and should be filtered or purified before consumption or bring your water
·         Parking in limited.  There is parking at the facility for about 15 vehicles and will be reserved for the instructors and people managing the event.  Other vehicles may come up to drop off people and camping gear.  We have a couple parking areas and will identify them as people arrive because which we use is weather dependant.
·         The assistance of Franklin SAR in helping set up the local logistics is greatly appreciated and has already been of great assistance

RSVP’s by team for food planning and allocation of lean-tos would be greatly appreciated.  Approximate numbers of people coming and if they will camp or not would be sufficient for now.

As the plan comes together, we will pass it on to keep you fully informed.  Look forward to seeing folks, here is what we have for responses to date:
  • North Star – not attending prior commitment
  • MESARD     3
  • Franklin yes number undeclared
  • Unity possibly, number undeclared (although this is finals time so I doubt they will have a significant presence)
  • Waldo 10 – 14 in Friday night and out Saturday evening to be home for Mother’s Day
  • YCERT 2 for sure and 2 more possible
  • McSAR ~10 in Friday night and out Saturday evening to be home for Mother’s Day


Jim Bridge
Education Director
Maine Association for Search And Rescue

March 11, 2010

Upcoming FSAR training/event/search dates

Here are some upcoming FSAR dates:

March 20  (snow date 21)  Participate in a large search (Sara Rogers) with MASAR and IF&W.  Clinton, I 95, mile 141.  Details TBA

April 10 & 11  BASAR Class @ Unity College  Details TBA

May 8  MASAR Spring Event @ Navy SERE School, Rangeley.  Details TBA

Wilderness First Aid class.  Sponsored by Northstar.  Coming to Franklin Co. this spring and summer Details TBA

October 2  WEMT Class @ Claybrook Lodge

March 1, 2010

4 lost Skiiers/Snowboarders on Sugarloaf Mountain

At 7:15 p.m. on Sunday Feb. 28, 2010

FSAR was requested to respond to assist in the rescue of 2 skiers/snowboarders (which would later become 4 skiers/snowboarders) on the back side of Sugarloaf Mountain. 2-4 inches of snow was forecast for the night and high winds of 30+ MPH. 7 members proceeded to gather their winter alpine rescue gear and head for the staging area at the Northstar Sugarloaf Rescue base in Carrabassett valley.

Upon arrival at staging, we spread out our gear and discussed what we would need. We also monitored radio traffic and were updated on new events as they unfolded. Around 9 p.m. the decision was made to move FSAR up to the Ski Patrol base on the mountain where we could be rapidly deployed by snow cat if/when needed. We spent the next 3 hours monitoring radio traffic as the 2 Ski Patrol teams attempted to locate the 2 lost parties on the mountain.

At midnight the wardens told the lost skiers to dig a snow shelter and weather the night. We were also released for the evening.

Although we never hit the snow, our presence as backup plan ‘B’ for support of the hasty teams was much appreciated by both the wardens and the ski patrol.

For more detail on of the overall incident, follow this link to the Daily Bulldog.

  Jim and Jake hurry up and wait at the Sugarloaf Ski Patrol base.

 A friend of some of the lost skiers was very helpful with predicting where the lost men could be located.

Devon takes advantage of a wheel chair for comfort and entertainment!

FSAR team president Steve Y. talks strategy with with Sugarloaf Rescue base.