September 4, 2010

Search for 85 yo man in Bingham, Me. 9-3-2010


Search for Missing man in Bingham

Around 6 a.m. Maine Warden Kevin Adam contacted FSAR about a missing 85 y.o. man in Bingham. He had been missing all night from his home in Bingham. The PLS was 4 miles south of Bingham on Rt. 16.

Warden Adam asked that FSAR be on standby to assist in the search. He was conducting a hasty search for the individual and if he had not located him my 9:30, he was going to call for a full scale search. The MASAR duty officer and FSAR membership was notified by Steve Y and Steve M but only 2 members were available at the time due to work commitments.

Hurricane Earl was threatening the Maine coast with a possibility of making landfall within the next 24 hours. Around 9 a.m. Steve Y was notified that the individual had been found.

Tumbledown Mtn. Rescue 8-29-2010

Rescue call on Tumbledown Mtn. in Weld

Sunday evening around 6 p.m. August 29, 2010

FSAR was requested by Franklin Dispatch to respond to a rescue of woman in her mid 30’s that had lost feeling in her extremities. The patient had multiple sclerosis (MS). She had hiked to the top of Tumbledown Mtn. and was at the pond. A Northstar Ambulance crew was the first to reach the patient and began to evaluate and hydrate the patient. Because of the warm weather and the fact that this was the last weekend before the local schools began their academic year, very few rescuers from area fire departments responded.

The Northstar team was able to get the patient ambulatory and she began the slow hike down the mountain. In all, about 15 people participated in the rescue; FSAR had 3 members along with Phillips FD, Wilton FD, a Maine Warden, and others.
The game warden was able to use an ATV to evacuate the patient for the final 1/3 of the trail to the waiting ambulance. She was transported to FMH. All people were off the trail by 9 p.m. with no injuries