April 24, 2012

FSAR has been activated for a search April 25, 2012 7 a.m.

Update 10:46 a.m. 4-25-2012   The search in Howland has been terminated. The subject has been located.  All units may return to base. 

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FSAR has been activated for a search tomorrow morning.
MASAR is requesting all available manpower to respond to Howland, Maine tomorrow morning (Wed. April 25) at 7 a.m. to search for a missing UMO student.
Steve Yates will be coordinating FSAR’s response. Please contact him only if you are able to respond or if you MAY be able to respond via his home phone or cell      

 Steve will coordinate carpooling to Howland.

To all MASAR Unit Reps:

The Wardens Service has requested a full call out to Howland tomorrow Wednesday April 25th for the missing UMO student. The page will go out shortly.

All assets including horses are requested. The start time is 7am. The CP is on Route 155. Take the interstate to the Rte 155 junction, go west on 155. After 150 yards there will be a large gravel pit on the left where the CP will be located.
The lat-long coordinates for the CP (Google Earth, so WGS 83 datum, in decimal degrees) are

45.234 degrees north, 68.682 degrees west


April 23, 2012

FSAR meeting/training minutes 4-11-2012

Pat, Al, Taylor B., Paul, Mit, Steve Y, Coby L, Barry, Jeff

The Tiff grant is tied up in red tape with the auditors. We are being told that we should have our $ within a few weeks. Steve M will continue to call and keep the board posted with movement. Pat has kept our contact at Maine Radio in the loop about grant progress. He has the radios and will program the set with our channels as soon as we have the $ in hand.

Baxter SP gave each participating volunteer a certificate of participation for their SAR work last year. Steve Y has filed them in each member’s FSAR training record folder.

The MASAR spring conference is May 5-6 registration is online, 4 or 5 members have registered and will attend.  If you are able, it is a great 2 day conference with many great classes.

Coby has been working with the US military SERE school in Redington.  He participates in multi-day, man-tracking events. Through this connection, he has been involved in forming the new Trident Tactical Tracking. This team is interested in becoming a MASAR certified visual tracking team. Colby has invited any FSAR members who are interested in learning more about man-tracking to attend one of their meetings. Trident web site:


The board is in the process of reviewing the roster and removing members who are now inactive.

Steve Y,  Mit and Pat will correlate our text msg. lists for call-outs to make sure we all have the same people.

FSAR has 3 members who have passed the written BASR test!!!!!! Way to go Barry, Pat and Colby!!!   Matt is in the process of prepping for the test as well.

Paul provided an overview of the search/recovery for a missing hiker in Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mt. Washington.  Paul provided an interesting perspective on searcher safety and risk management. More on the situation here:

On Saturday, June 9th there will be a one day Smalls Falls (SF) rope rescue training.  Prior to the SF training, Al and DK are teaching a 1 day classroom wilderness workshop for EMS providers. The SF training will be a combined high angle and litter packaging skills day for the EMT class and others. It should be a wonderful cross-training opportunity for FSAR folks. Plan to be there if possible.

JUNE 19-24  the Untamed New England Eco Challenge will be held in our region of the state. This is a 4 day non-stop team race. The Command Post will be at the outdoor center and Northstar EMS will be working the event. FSAR will be ‘On-Call’ to assist if needed during the Eco Challenge. The teams are to be completely independent and if we assist them they can be disqualified. So FSAR assistance would only be needed if things get really bad. This is the event web site:


Although I do not have the exact date yet (sometime in May I believe) DK has invited FSAR to the final saddleback EMT class simulation. They plan to field test the new Lifeflight LZ at the Rangeley Lakes Trail Center on the access road, so the sim will take place in that general area. The plan is for a cookout supper up at the lodge around 6 PM or so and then start the sim around dusk. 

Minutes taken by Mit

April 11, 2012

Bic Mini Electric Review on BPL

Many FSAR members are into lightweight backpacking. A Backpacking Light (BPL) member  recently posted this review of a new lighter. Members may find it interesting. I have carried a Mini Bic for a few years but after reading this I am keen to do some testing of the new Bic Mini Electric. The comments after the post are interesting. Link to the post:

April 9, 2012

FSAR meeting/Training April 11 6:30 KFD

FSAR Meeting this Wednesday 6:30 at the Kingfield Fire Department.

We will do a knot tying refresher and look over the FSAR hardware, ropes and climbing equipment.

If you have personal rope rescue or climbing hardware/gear, please bring it. 
Paul will demonstrate how to inspect your gear for signs of wear and when to remove it from service.

All interested people are welcome to attend.

Hope to see you there!