September 10, 2012

The first FSAR Meeting of the season is this week!

On Wednesday, September 12 at 6:30 we will meet at the Kingfield Fire Station.
All interested people are welcome to attend.

We will:

  • Debrief the summer rescue calls and training events
  • Discuss the merger of the Trident Man-tracking team with FSAR
  • Discuss the training schedule for the 2012-2013 year

This year we will continue to do a monthly ‘gear to share’. We began this practice last year; each member is asked to bring one piece of their gear (if they choose) to share with the team. The intent is to learn some things about, different varieties, favorite features and applications of specific pieces of gear. This month we will share Ready Packs please bring your (loaded) pack and be prepared to share 1 or 2 things you like (or dislike) about your setup.

The first meeting of the season is a great time for interested people to attend. If you have a friend who may be interested in checking FSAR out, please invite them.

September 5, 2012

FSAR at Baxter State Park Aug. 30-Sept. 2

FSAR at Baxter by Pat Cyr

FSAR's 3rd and final 2012 SAR duty coverage in Baxter State Park (BSP) was at Togue Pond over Labor Day weekend.  Pat C, Steve Y, and Matt C participated in 3 days of coverage.  Staged at Chimney Pond was the Mahoosic Mountain Search and Rescue team.

The weekend weather could not have been better...light winds, with daytime highs in the 60's and nighttime lows in the 40's (38* at Chimney Pond Sunday!)  All weekend BSP was extremely busy both with overnight, as well as day use.  The Visitors Center at Togue Pond saw over 350 people on Saturday alone. Even with all the campers and hikers in the park, we had no calls for SAR assistance. A few overdue hikers after dark Saturday night ended well. We took advantage of the great weather to explore and hike in the park.  Over the three days we managed to reach both Baxter Peak on Katahdin and summit The Owl. We also took exploratory hikes into Nesowadnehunk stream, Daicey Pond, and the West Branch of the Penobscot. As always the Baxter Park staff extended their hospitality and gratitude and treated us like VIP's.  They certainly understand and appreciate the commitment we make as volunteers. FSAR welcomes all active members to participate in weekend Baxter SAR coverage.  

In 2013 we hope to plan more organized training weekends with many more members encouraged to attend.  Stay tuned!

 Hamlin Ridge from South Peak

 Pamola Peak from South Peak
Pamola and the Chimney from the top of the Armidello

September 2, 2012

Weekend Swiftwater Rescue Class on the Rapid River

The Swiftwater Rescue class on the Rapid river was a great success. 9 people from NorthStar, FSAR and Saddleback Mtn. Ski Resort participated. During the 2.5 day long training, students and teachers spent about 12 hours in the water learning and practicing the techniques of basic swiftwater rescue. Gabe, and assistants Mike, Pat and Al did an outstanding job instructing.

Carter gives the 'I'm OK' signal (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

The crew moves down river trying not to accumulate too many butt bruises!
(photo: Shelby Rousseau)
Thanks to NorthStar for sponsoring this awesome training. (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Carter uses a throw-bag (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Gear Check  (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Kevin ready to roll (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Looking for pearls?? (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Pat is 'Good to go' (photo: Shelby Rousseau)
Gabe runs the river  (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Pat and Mit trekking back to camp (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Pat's turn to run the river (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Happy Jeff after coffee! (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Gabe demos some swimming techniques (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

The amazing Rapid River before sunrise  (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Mike is good-to-go  (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Shelby heads back to camp. (photo?)

Pat and Gabe chillin in an eddy  (photo: Shelby Rousseau)
Mit is Hangin' out in the river (photo: Shelby Rousseau)
Happy Mike with cup-o-joe  (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Kevin is lovin' it (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Jeff was the envy of many in his 70's speedboat helmet. (photo: Shelby Rousseau)

Around the campfire (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

PFD, gear-up and safety review by Gabe, Mike and Al (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Carter and Cree listen to instruction before getting wet (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Swimming practice (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Mike on standby with a throw rope (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Cree riding the river waiting to be rescued (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Kevin goes for a ride (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Al works his way off the strainer pipe. (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Strainer drills with Pat and Gabe standing by (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Kevin on the strainer (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Gabe creates one of the best breakfasts I've had in a long time on Sunday morning (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Chillin on the 'winter house' deck before training (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Gabe lovin' life (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Pat's throw rope gets the best of him! (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Mechanical advantage drills on Sunday morning (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Gabe talks about anchors and ropes (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Gabe and Pat gear-up  (Photo: Stephan Mitman)

Wood fired hot tub after long day on the river...priceless, many thanks to J.P! (Photo: Carter Hall)

Hanging with caretaker JP before heading out.