May 28, 2013

Limington Search 73 YOM

May 28 6:45 a.m. (aprox.) Stand Down, man found alive.  Thank you Melissa and Jim for responding for FSAR!!!

May 27 21:30,  Ground search for 73YOM w/ dementia, missing since 4pm Mon 5-27. Last seen by a neighbor who observed him walk into the woods at the end of a dead end road. 

Report @ 0700 Tues 5-28, at Limington Fire Dept, located on Rt 11, 100 yards south of the intersection of Rt 11 and Rt 25. Come prepared for somewhat swampy conditions and black flies. Dirigo Check-In Trailer arriving @ 6am.

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May 26, 2013

Topsham Search Ends Well

1:30 a.m. Sunday, May 26,  FSAR was notified by text message from the MASAR duty officer that we were requested to respond in Thopsham at 7:30 a.m. Sunday to assist in the ground search for a missing 14 year old female. She had been missing since Saturday evening.  

Aproximately 30  minutes later around 2 a.m. the MASAR duty officer informed us that the subject had been located and to stand down.  FSAR membership was texted to stand down soon after.

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May 21, 2013

MASAR Conference Camp Bishopwood, Hope Maine

Unfortunately the conference was cut short by the Glenburn search on Sunday May 19, so there are not many photos. Congratulations and many thanks are to be given to the Waldo County SAR team for organizing a great training. 

 The MFS Short Haul workshop was a great opportunity to see how the system is rigged and deployed. 

 BSP Mike is the lucky one who got to go for a ride, he is all smiles after his return to earth. 

 Coby did a wonderful job in his Man-Tracking awareness training. Folks were very interested in the details of the pressure releases and what they can tell the trained tracker. 
 A large fire in the evening was a great way to cap off day one of the conference.
The camp was deserted by 6:30 a.m. the following morning as essentially all participants headed northwest to the Glemburn search.  Thanks again to Waldo SAR for hosting a great training. 

May 16, 2013

FSAR Activated for search of 15 yo girl in Glenburn, Me.

FSAR fielded 8 searchers on Sunday, May 19 at the 2nd Glenburn search.  Like nearly all of the MASAR members who were attending the annual conference in Hope Miane, The FSAR team cut the conference short and made the 1.5 hour drive on Sunday to participate in the Glenburn Search. 

 After a briefing by the warden service, and some 'hurry up and wait' time, we were given our search assignment. 

There was time for a group photo in front of Dirigo's new (old) command trailer.

 Barry practices his on camera skills not 24 hours after attending Steve Mccausland's workshop on: How to Interact with the Media for SAR Teams.  

Pat Briefs the team with our assignment. 

Members take a break in the field after searching nearly 1.5 miles of roadside. 
 Note the pants tucked into socks and boots. After the wonderfully disturbing workshop on deer ticks and Lime Disease, team members were more than willing to look a little more nerdy in the field to add a layer of protection agains the dangerous and difficult to detect insects.  

Sunday May 19, 8 a.m.
All MASAR Teams are asked to report for a search in Glenburn.
Staging is at the Glenburn FD.

Search Date: Friday May 17, 8 a.m.
Location Glenburn F.D. 144 Wakeview Rd, Glenburn, Me.

All Certified FSAR ground searchers have been requested to respond in the search for a missing 15 y.o. girl in Glenburn Maine. 

If you can respond or if you MAY be able to respond text or call Steve M asap. 491-2713

May 10, 2013

FSAR Training Update

FSAR Training update:

Due to the High Fire Activity involving the Maine Forest Service Helicopter and the predicted heavy rain for Saturday,Jeff Currier Maine Forest Service Regional Ranger has postponed the scheduled Short Haul Training in Carrabassett Valley. We will follow up with a re-schedule date soon.
Chief Knapp

May 18 Bigelow Horns Pond Hike to pack in and help setup summer caretaker 8:30 a.m. parking area at end of Stratton Brook Pond (this is not an FSAR sponsored training but it would be good conditioning, with good company!)  contact Mit for more info.

May 18-19 MASAR Conference Hope Me.

June 12 FSAR monthly meeting/training KFD

May 9, 2013

Man Tracking Workshop a Great Success!

FSAR's own Coby, Seb, and Mal put together an informative seminar about man tracking  Saturday May 4, 2013. MASAR members from all over the state attended including Maine search and rescue Dogs and Maine Mounted Search and Rescue.

Combining classroom instruction with small groups learning outside on actual tracks, the instructors were able to impart a variety of tracking strategies to determine the speed and direction of a victim or fugitive.

The culmination of the day's session was a scenario where each team worked together to identify a track laid earlier in the day. It was a challenging exercise with the dry conditions but both teams succeeded in finding the trail and following the track. 

Story and all photos: Melissa Shea