January 28, 2014

MASAR Rope Rescue at Chimney Pond in Baxter SP January 24-26, 2014

FSAR team members Melissa Shea and Jim Albert spent the weekend in Baxter State Park at Chimney Pond training with BSP Rangers for an ice climbing search and rescue scenario.  The first scenario involved a single climber that had not returned to Chimney, but was able to give his GPS coordinates to 911 dispatchers. The team then set out in -5 temps with 25-35mph winds to locate the patient in the South Basin below the summit of Pamola Peak. At roughly 3000 ft. elevation, the team switched from snowshoes to crampons and used anchors and ice screws to ascend higher.  The scenario ended when the patient was located and carefully lowered down the ice using ice screw anchors.  

The second training scenario was a multiple burial avalanche situation where the team used strategic planning and safety measures to successfully locate the buried victim, probe the indicated area, and shovel the snow away from the patient before moving on to the second buried subject.  The pros and cons of analog versus digital beacons were discussed as well as other strategies to maximize the strengths of the team members. 

The last training was held inside the Chimney Pond Ranger Cabin due to the weather conditions (-10 with 50mph winds) and included litter rigging and mainline and belay systems with simple mechanical advantage.

(Article and all photos are by Melissa Shea)

January 16, 2014

Medical Care on Mt. Denali, a Presentation By Paul Marcolini and Practical Demonstration by Al Sleight January 27, 5:30 at FMH

The Wilderness Medical Collaborative is a new organization whose mission is to bridge the education and training gap between wilderness emergency service providers (SAR, FD, Wardens, etc.) and the medical community. 

FSAR's own Paul Marcolini and Al Sleight will be presenting! 

Come join us on the 27th at FMH at 5:30.

January 6, 2014

Franklin Search and Rescue, Monthly Meeting/Trainings Wednesday evening, January 8, 2014 KFD

Franklin Search and Rescue, Monthly Meeting/Trainings
Wednesday evening, January 8 at KFD

5:30-6:30 Rope Rescue (RR) Team meeting. Any FSAR members interested in learning more about RR (no experience required) are welcome to attend this meeting before the regular FSAR meeting. Agenda: old business, new business,  Baxter winter technical rescue weekend, Training: hands on rope training.

6:30-  FSAR Monthly Meeting & Training
Training: Radio Communications, and D4H awareness training.
Gear to share: Winter Travel, Snowshoes and Skis (if you use them), bring what you use to share with the team.

FSAR officers: please bring your radios