March 9, 2014

"Bluebird day for FSAR training on the back side of Sugarloaf."

"Bluebird day for FSAR training on the back side of Sugarloaf." 

(photo Melissa Shea)

(All photo below Barry London)

March 3, 2014

WInter Backcountry Rescue Scenario Exercise March 9, 2014

Note to non-FSAR members: This is a closed or by-invitation only training. If you are interested in learning more about FSAR, consider attending our monthly meeting/training sessions in Kingfield. See more info on the right side of the blog.

Carrabassett Valley Fire/Rescue

will host a Backcountry Rescue

Training Exercise

Date: Sunday March 9th, 2014

Location: We will stage at the CV Valley Fire Station and then travel by 

 snowmobiles to a remote site on the backside of Sugarloaf. It will take 

 about 30 minutes to get to this location. Please note the original staging 

 for this event was at the Kingfield Fire Station.

Scenario: We will be responding to an severely injured skier/snowmobiler in a 

 remote backcountry location. It is reported that the injured is down a

 steep embankment. Patient is conscious but complaining of severe back 

 pain. Our victim has been down for a while and it is very cold.

Objectives: Transport needed manpower and equipment in a timely manner to 

 ensure the best possible outcome for the patient and the safe return of

 all rescuers. Our 150# Rescue Randy will provide s realism.

 Demonstrate the necessary skills, ie., Patient primary and secondary 

 survey, patient packaging. Rope Handling to move patient up a steep slope

 and transport the victim as rapid as possible to a waiting ambulance 8 to 10 

 miles away.

 Also important is the preparedness of our first responders to safely work in 

 cold winter environment.

 Evaluate what we may need to do better in the future.

This exercise is a multi agency event that has invited area fire depts., Franklin Search and

Rescue, Maine Warden Service, US Border Patrol, Northstar, Sugarloaf Ski Patrol and

Franklin County EMA. We will provide transport for those who do not have snowmobiles.

First Responder must come prepared to be outside in winter weather conditions for 3 to 4 

hours. Helmets are also required. Bring your own water and high energy snacks.


Members should bring: snowshoes and your winter ready-pack, lunch and water

The Rope Rescue Team should being your harness, basic hardware, crampons (if you have them) and your mountaineering axe.  
RR team leader Shea may contact you with additional gear requirements. 

FSAR: Please advise Steve Mitman if you are planning on attending by Wednesday 3-5-2014 so we can get CVFD our numbers.