May 9, 2010

MASAR Spring Conference at the USN SERE School in Redington, Maine

Sunny with temps in the 70’s....not!!
‘Train like we search/rescue and search/rescue like we train’ was the motto of the MASAR Spring conference at the SERE School in Redington, Maine. With a steady rain, a stiff breeze and temps peaking in the low 40’s, 66 members from all over the state converged on the US Navy’s SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape) school in Redington for a day of training with 4 of the school’s instructors. After being divided into 3 groups, participants received detailed instruction on trapping animals for food, wilderness shelter building, and fire starting and overall survival techniques for the backcountry. Many thanks to Jim, Joe, Steve, Deb and the SERE crew, all of whom donated their time to make the event a success.

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