March 23, 2015

Friday May 15, 1900 Evening Presentation: SAR and the 2014 Climbing Season on Denali.

SAR And The 2014 Climbing Season on Denali.  By Paul Marcolini

The 2014 climbing season on Denali saw colder temperatures and more major storms than previous years.  This presentation will show how SAR is executed on the highest mountain in North America, and discuss injuries, medical incidents, and evacuations from the 2014 season.

Paul Marcolini is a Maine and National Park Service paramedic and has worked for ground, rotor and fixed-wing EMS programs. Paul has over 17 years of experience with Outward Bound, is a member of Franklin Search and Rescue, and is a lead instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates International.  For the past eight seasons he has worked as a volunteer climbing ranger for Denali National Park in Alaska. He has taught medical refresher programs for NPS Rangers at Denali, Mt Rainer, and Acadia National Parks.  Paul has also presented various topics at International Emergency Medical Conferences in Bolivia, and Vietnam, and presents on wilderness medical and rescue topics for medical schools and residency programs in the Atlantic Region.  He is the Quality Improvement Coordinator and ALS instructor for Tri-County EMS, and seasonal guide in New England and Bolivia.

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