March 17, 2015

MASAR Conference, Saturday Morning, May 16, 9 a.m.- 10 a.m. Workshop Choices

Lost Person Behavior – How it all Works!     Joclyn Stohl
For search managers, team leaders and basic SAR responders, this program will provide an overview of the categories of missing/overdue subjects,  and how behavioral profiles, various sets of statistical data and other interview information support decisions of the likely areas to search.  Case review is included.

Jocelyn Stohl is a retired commander of the Vermont State Police, with 30 years of experience in SAR and having participated in 500+ SAR incidences for lost and missing children, autistics, dementia, mentally disabled, hikers, hunters, walkers, skiers, climbers, despondent and suicides, homicides, accidental deaths, abduction, drowning, vehicle related and missing aircraft.  Ms. Stohl is a NASAR instructor and provides continuing SAR education in the areas management, overdue/missing person behavior and various skills sets for the professional SAR responder and personal safety programs.  Ms. Stohl is a volunteer certified K9 handler.  Currently, she is a executive director for a Vermont Special Investigations Unit and Child Advocacy Center.

Traumatic Brain Injury In The Wilderness Setting - Evie Marcolini, MD

Trauma is one of the most common serious injuries in the wilderness, and traumatic brain injury is one of the deadliest.  Evie will discuss the keys to recognizing, assessing and treating a patient with brain injury.  She will review different types of traumatic brain injury, and prepare you to recognize the signs and symptoms of someone who needs to get to definitive care fast, as well as those whose rescue can be less time sensitive.

Evie Marcolini is a physician at Yale University School of Medicine, practicing in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, spending most of her time in the neurointensive care unit.  Evie also teaches Wilderness Medicine, and has a background working for Outward Bound, which involved taking youth at risk into the woods for month-long expeditions.  She has also worked as a ski patroler for several years, as well as paramedic before heading off to medical school.  Evie is a member of the Franklin Search and Rescue, and enjoys skiing, rock and ice climbing and mountaineering.  

Baxter State Park SAR Update - Ben Woodard, Chief Ranger

BSP Chief Ranger, Ben Woodard will discuss the SAR response plans of Baxter State Park.  Topics will include MASAR coverage & training, communications, park evacuation plan, forest fire plan, & interagency response.

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